A tokenized data economy for the ad-tech world

Research shows that up to 60% of data used in data-driven marketing is incorrect. Between that and the approximately 40% of digital traffic that's fraudulent, marketers are wasting billions of dollars per year on ineffective marketing campaigns. Clixxa intends to solve this by introducing a token specifically for the digital marketing space that leverages distributed ledgers to clamp down on fraud and incentivize accurate data.

Digital advertising is broken. Marketers, despite knowing they're wasting billions of dollars on fraudulent traffic still haven't been able to clamp down on the growing rise of intelligent bot traffic. And even the real human users, when marketers can find them, don't even like the experience of seeing ads so much so that they are installing adblockers and blocking them at a record pace. Digital advertising is nearly as old as the Internet itself, but it's time it needs to transform itself. With the introduction of decentralized ledgers, there is finally a technology to enable the paradigm shift.

600 million

devices now use adblockers

$17 billion USD/year

In fraudulent ads sold, just in the United States

How does it work?

Users will be rewarded with Clixxa Coin for providing data into the Clixxa Cognitive Layer through either a browser extension or data portal. The browser extension will passively collect browsing statistics and award users tokens for surfing the web, and the data portal will ask users questions with specific token rewards tied to the answer (the more in-demand the information, the more tokens the user will receive).

Advertisers will then purchase Clixxa Coins off exchanges to buy access to the data for their marketing campaigns. As the value of the data grows, the tokens will grow more valuable and create further incentives for the users to join this powerful new tokenized ecosystem.

By tying into the Clixxa DSP, our algorithms will be able to monitor the performance impact the data a single user provides, and adjust the tokens they receive for providing the data to incentivize accurate data. Furthermore, because of the distributed ledger that makes all transactions available publicly, the bad actors that use intelligent bots to simulate real users will be able to be easily identified as they try to cash out their Clixxa Coins, and thus it would be pointless for them to participate in this ecosystem. Therefore, advertisers that target visitors that contribute data into this tokenized economy will therefore be able to be confident the users they are targeting are real.

Join Pre-Sale

Pre-Sale Starts

May 4, 2018




March 30, 2018
  • Whitepaper Release
May 4, 2018
  • Private ICO Pre-sale begins
May 25, 2018
  • ICO main round
August 2018
  • Browser extension released
  • Finalize algorithm for token rewards for users
September 2018
  • Release of CPI campaigns to expand userbase
  • Opening of referral program to expand userbase
October 2018
  • Integration of tokenized data purchases into Clixxa DSP
  • Activation of machine learning algorithms to prevent fraud
December 2018
  • Multilingual support for browser extension and data portal
March 2019
  • Release of rewards widget for publisher partners
February 2019
  • Release of standalone mobile phone browser app on Android and iOS ecosystems


We will accept both ETH, and BTC via Coss.io.

We want to create a tokenized economy that incentivizes the curation of accurate data for digital marketing so that users see more relevant ads and don't need to turn to ad blockers. It will also contribute to eliminating ad fraud, a 10-figure per year USD problem that involves nefarious and borderline criminal behavior that government agencies are unable to eliminate due to the marketplace dynamics.

The average person will be able to:

  • 1) get paid to surf online
  • 2) see more relevant ads
  • 3) provide feedback on the advertisements they see
  • 4) become involved in the cryptocurrency world easily

Many users have heard about cryptocurrencies before but don't have a straightforward way to join the rush without speculating on something with their hard-earned money that they have no information on. Clixxa Coin will allow users to enter this space with an attractive model that lets them earn cryptocurrencies while going about their day-to-day browsing behaviour.

We will also launch an affiliate program that will leverage Clixxa's existing publisher base to drive installs of the browser extension.

Finally, we will supplement this with a referral program allowing users to refer others and get paid a percentage of the coins their referees earn.

Advertisers will have access to data that will be sourced above-the-board (with users' consent) and accurately in order to drive their marketing campaigns. Furthermore, with the decentralized ledger technology, advertisers will be confident the traffic they are receiving is not fraudulent.

Because the distributed ledger makes all transactions of Clixxa Coin available publicly, players in the space who would previously be able to use intelligent bots to simulate real users and earn Clixxa Coin will be able to be easily identified as they try to cash out their Clixxa Coins in any material volume. It would thus be easy to identify these players and make it pointless for them to participate in this ecosystem.